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KTA is an online community that connects you to the needs of people living in extreme poverty. The impact of all my travels led me to working and volunteering with many non-profits. I believe it is not only imperative to give back but empower others to take action and truly make a difference in the world. We visited a camp in Mombasa called “Blessed Camp.” There is a leper colony there, a community of people shunned by the city. At BC, they receive meals, and their kids get meals, an education, & daily medical treatment from on staff doctors. A school has been built, a medical facility, a kitchen, clean water, and so on….All made possible by KTA. That was just one of the multiple sites we visited. Firsthand seeing what can be done is moving. The quality of life has been increased dramatically. These beautiful, amazing, brave children now have a chance to cycle out of the extreme hurt and poverty in which they were born.

Our schedule was pretty wild, as becomes the norm when doing these kind of trips. We went to Nairobi, Kenya for 2 weeks, then Mombasa and Kaihura, Uganda for a week. You make plans of going here or going there, but it all changes. In Kenya, we would take up to 3 or 4 different modes of transportation just to get to one location in the slums.  You are constantly tired, thirsty, hot, and feeling vulnerable. Lets just sum it up by saying, you are always uncomfortable.  No matter how well you plan a trip like this, there are always things you can’t prepare yourself for both mentally and physically. These trips can mentally rip you apart, as have some in past.