Nyves “Return” (Official Music Video)

You don’t have to be a boxer to understand struggle. All of us have had moments where our hearts have fallen and the fight has been kicked out of us. Those moments so dark and heavy, they make you want to stop dead in your tracks and give up. The idea of fighting for something you believe in may feel like a cliché, but for anyone who has picked themselves up from the lowest of lows and started to rebuild, knows that it is a feat to admire.

When I first heard the song Return, it brought to mind flashes of great fighters and their times of true strength. More importantly, it brought to mind what I admire most, not just the champions, but also the unsung heroes that face defeat head on and never let it keep them down. To fight isn’t just for victory, sometimes it’s to live, to stand tall and get even a breath closer to who you are capable of being.

Alongside an amazing cast, crew and client that trusted my vision, we were able to push the limits of challenging weather, locations and time constraints. Everyone came to play with passion and intense dedication, and for that I am incredibly grateful.

ESPN Article : http://espn.go.com/blog/music/post/_/id/8107/nyves-return-with-new-video-release-presented-by-espn-music

Produced, Written, & Directed : Cale Glendening
Boxer : Ethan Stevenson
Opponent : Vinroy Barrett
Cinematographer : Cale Glendening
1st AC : Michael Beatty
2nd AC : Sebastian Rogers
Unit Production Manager : Emilie Paré
Aerial Unit DP : Jeffrey Holland
Gaffer : Samuel Ryan Willey
Best Boy : Scott Frost
Art Director : Elise Lacret
Art Assistant : Allison Gale
Make Up & FX : Hayley Bidez
Editor : Cale Glendening
Color : Andy Burchett
VFX : Chad McDonald & Andy Burchett

BTS Photography : Emilia Paré

Special Thanks : John Carrington, Marcus Baney, Kate Gazaway, Eric Oliver, Rob Sawyer, Combat Sports Center, Joe Wilk, K.O. Boxing, José Lujan, Lorissa Ridley , Pound for Pound MMA, Title Boxing Nashville, RENTACAMERA Nashville