December 27, 2013

Wonder Woman

Posted in: Family, Inspiration, Thoughts

It's that time of year, people all over the world get together and share memories, reflect on life & spread positivity to others. A time when one recognizes what they have, what's most important and being sincerely thankful. As I reflect on 2013, I wanted to share something, or better yet someone that I am thankful for. Meet Bethany, one of my best friends in the world. She is an ER nurse at a Hospital in Nebraska, Cornhusker nation. She has a beautiful mother and two younger sisters. One sister, Hayley, just weeks from moving across the states to attend her first year of college. One daughter, Charity, a police officer. And Bethany, living in New Hampshire at the time, about to road trip home for her dad's b-day.

Her father went missing that weekend and was found shortly after. Bethany's father had taken his own life. He was a Police sergeant and had been on the force for 25 years, Charity is on the same force. I will never forget the call and the pure helplessness I felt as I sat there in silence, listening to Bethany cry. To think words could possible bring comfort in those moments is offensive. I could not even speak. Bethany is one of those rare people who I like to call unconditional. Her friendship, her positive attitude, her passion towards life, her compassion and heart for helping just barely breach the surface of her soul. Bethany is the modern day definition of Wonder Woman, which is great because that is her favorite character. As long as I've known Bethany, she would always geek out over her and she even looks like her too! When I drove to Nebraska for the funeral, I kept reminding her, "you have to be Wonder Woman now." For her mom, sisters, family, and father. That made more sense than anything else I could tell her.

Half a year later, she's handled it better than I ever could. Hayley moved back to be with family, still going to school. Charity is back on the police force and Bethany landed a big job in an ER and is leading a suicide prevention program for the hospital. She literally helps save lives every single day. They are as close as ever and leading positive lives daily. Seeing this has inspired me and given me strength in tough times, it's a reminder of what I am thankful for and a challenge to be a better human. To love unconditionally and to spread positivity to everyone I come in contact with. I reached out to my friend Jan Nowinski, who is an incredible artist, to commission her to draw a picture for me. This was my Christmas present to Bethany. Let it be a reminder of the power and strength inside us. A reminder of our ability to overcome obstacles and change lives. A reminder of who Bethany is and will always be. Wonder Woman.