June 10, 2010


Posted in: Music, Photography

Last weekend was KROQ WEENIE ROAST 2010!  It was one of my favorite events this past year.  Maybe it was the furry convention, the prom, great friends, running into T_BING or maybe it was just catching Hayley spit the biggest loogie ever.  Now I played baseball for 16 years…so i’ve seen my share of loogs.  Let’s just say she could’ve put them all to shame! Anyways, in the end it was a combination of everything this past weekend that made it so memorable.  Blessed to feel at home with KROQ and their incredible/hardworking staff.  They have been one of my favorite clients, hands down.

Paramore is excellent live.  So much energy and fun.  Here are my favorite from the set.  Btw, Jeremy, good seeing the surprised look when you saw me!

Will be posting more soon of other bands from Weenie Roast.

“My heart is in the music…JUDGE THAT!”


Cale Glendening