December 20, 2013

Noah Gundersen - Ledges (Official Music Video)

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This song is from the album "Ledges" by Noah Gundersen, due to release in February. CLICK HERE to check it out on ITUNES. Pick it up, you will not be disappointed.

I was thrilled when Noah asked me to shoot another project for him.  I first reached out to him a couple years ago after hearing his music and being blown away.  We met in Seattle soon after and have been friends ever since. For this video, he wanted a story based around a "younger Noah" in search of himself.  We had originally planned on shooting in Washington, but ended up changing it to Nashville.  Aiden, who is playing Noah, is quite the young man. He was very shy at first but, after an hour, ended up settling into character.  He even started offering advice on shots and his character's actions. I loved it!  We drove around Tennessee and shot for 2 full days and of course Aiden did it without blinking. I think the crew was more tired than he was.

Noah flew out and was with the production the entire time, regardless of him not being in the film. I love people that are hands on and specific. Can't wait to do it again brother! Major thanks to the cast, crew, and parents. This video wasn't possible without you. I'm grateful!

Video Screen Grabs

The water scene was probably the most fun to shoot. The emotion you are seeing on the dock is painfully genuine. I stood them across from each other and Aiden looked straight down to his toes. I said, "alright guys, look at each other." The first shot you see of them together on the dock was when Aiden finally looked up at her.  It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Oh youth!! They were so incredibly shy! The little details(looking down, his hands curled in front, her blank expression, her arms behind her back scratching) I could've never directed these things. It was simply kids being kids and that is all I could ask for. Noah said "I feel like we just filmed The Notebook for kids." Totally felt like it!



Director + DP: Cale Glendening
1st AC: AJ Gibboney
B Cam: Will Fulford
Young Boy: Aiden McMorran
Young Female: Libby Carter
Editor: Kyle Trafton & Cale Glendening
Color: John Carrington
Special Thanks : Virginia Carter, Steven & Daniel McMorran