October 04, 2010


Posted in: Music, Photography

I was fortunate enough to be given a KISS photo pass at their show.  Seemed kind of surreal getting to shoot such a historical band like KISS.  From the get go I knew these photos were going to look the best.  This was my favorite set from Epicenter and one of my favorite sets to date.  I knew I only had two songs to get everything I needed, so I rushed around a ton. If any of you wonder why they give us a song limit, it’s so we aren’t standing in front of all the kids who have been waiting all day to see them.  We get a couple songs and then we leave.  Also some bands just don’t like photographers.  Hard to perform when you look down and have a sea of cameras and lenses in your face.  There is about a good 10 foot barrier between the stage and the crowd that all the photographers stand in.  Anyways, during the last moments of the 2nd song I noticed Gene Simmons look in my direction.  Then he proceeded to point directly at me.  I snapped about 5 photos before he looked away.  Immediately after, I felt someone tapping on my back.  I turned around and the guy behind me said “DUDE, PLEASE TELL ME YOU GOT THAT!”  I love when bands have fun and interact with everyone, including photographers.  Needless to say I was very stoked to capture that moment. Thanks!

“I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day.” - KISS

True that!

Cale Glendening