September 14, 2013

Iceland 1/3

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I was in Iceland working for a commercial client and tried to shoot as much personal work in my time off, which wasn't much. Besides the day I lost my passport, I had about 5-6 hours of time I used for my personal work.  Everything was spontaneous and no locations were planned before hand. Bryndis and I started driving around. I should note, 2 minutes into the car ride, she ran a red light at a busy intersection and was completely oblivious to it. I was terrfied for the rest of the drive. Well, of course we got lost lookng for locations but it ended up working out for the best. We came across this boat and the sun had just started to peak out. Some *NSFW below.

The sun in Iceland is the brightest damn thing I have ever seen. I could've shot at f22 and still not contained it, so I just tried a happy medium. If you look closely, even the tiny puddles have big ripples. The wind was blowing at least 25-30mph.  There was absolutely zero ways to contain her hair, so I just tried to utilize it and project the reality of the conditions. Also note the shadow you see she is casting onto the boat. 50 yards behind us is a small 2 story building made of mirrored glass. The sun was reflecting perfectly back towards us.

She had to wipe her tears off several times as the wind kept making her eyes water.

We spent about 45 minutes here before we headed to a beach she said she liked. I wasn't a fan of the beach but I loved the grass next to it.

Not bad for hanging out for a couple hours.
Excited to go back and create more.

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