November 12, 2013

The Saint Johns - Your Head and Your Heart (Official Music Video)

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The Saint Johns approached me with this beautiful song saying they wanted a video that portrayed the ups and downs of a relationship. Emotions from opposite ends of the spectrum, all within the same scenes. That wasn't the easiest task to pull off, but luckily we had some stellar talent. "I want you guys to smile at each other, then go in for a kiss, annnnnd cut. Ok now I want you to yell at each other and then push him." Shooting strong emotions from each end of the scale, back to back, produced some funny outtakes! However, they handled each scene perfectly, and after 2 days we came out with this video. Does she take him back or is she through? ; )

First just wanted to say thank you to The Saint Johns. Jordan and Lou worked extremely close on this project. I went to Iceland twice all while trying to plan this video. They produced the hell out of this thing, helping with casting, locations, and props. AJ made my life easy and is the reason we got as much content as we did. Thank you guys for the help. Proud to have worked with such talented people.

Screen Grabs from the video.

I had a very strong sense of how I was going to cut this once we were done shooting. The 1st cut was completed within 36 hours of wrapping the video shoot. Pre through post production was so smooth sailing. The best part is that Lou and Jordan both signed off on the first pass and it was off to my buddy John Carrington for some color! Win!

Director + DP: Cale Glendening
1st AC: AJ Gibboney
Hair/Make-up: Tori Townsend
Female: Emily Barbee
Male: Jake Etheridge
Editor: Cale Glendening
Color: John Carrington
Projection Footage: AJ Gibboney

BTS Photography: Ashtin Page
Special Thanks: Vijay Upadhyaya
Stream the EP here:

Behind the Scenes thanks to Ashtin Page


The apartment complex had massive windows, I wanted to utilize them without completely blowing them out. We were also "over-cranking" footage, but with nothing in the frame moving, the effect isn't as strong as it could be. We decided to kill two birds with one stone, putting up white "curtains" to diffuse light and also to move as the wind blew into them. It helped give the shot a bit more of an effect.  We also placed Kino's in the shot to help influence the natural light and make the eyes nice and glassy.

Playing the song back via iphone to sync with over-cranked footage.


And that's a wrap!

© Cale Glendening