June 21, 2010

DH Unplugged

Posted in: Film, Music

Back in October of 2009 I shot some in studio stuff for Demon Hunter‘s current album “The World Is A Thorn.”

Ryan Clark had an awesome last minute idea to do an acoustic unplugged set with Patrick Judge and Yogi Watts. We used Aaron Sprinkles studio to do the shoot.  A couple of difficulties since it was so last minute. We didn’t have a master track for any of the acoustic songs they wanted to sing, so they freestyled each song 3 times a piece.  They picked the recording, for each song, that sounded the best and sent it off.

Only problem you have is 3 songs, 3 takes a piece, 1 camera man, and no master track.  So editing became difficult as every couple of seconds the timing would be off from the master track.  The biggest problem I ran into is Yogi changing up how he played drums.  Sometimes he would the ride, then the next take on the crash, and also changing fills.  You will catch editing mistakes here and there but I did best I could.  I really love how their heavy songs transition into acoustic tracks.  I was so happy to be working with them again.  They really are a talented amazing group of guys.

CLICK HERE to check out their albums on Itunes. To check out my videos, including the one below, check out my FILM page.

“Won’t bow to man. Won’t bow to government. Won’t bow to greed. Won’t bow to false hope. Won’t bow to self. Won’t bow to modern code. Won’t sell my soul to a dead world.  I defy”

- Demon Hunter “The World Is A Thorn”

Cale Glendening