April 28, 2010

Business Cards/Invisible Creature

Posted in: Art

Back in October when I was working on a project with my great friends Demon Hunter,  Ryan Clark and I discussed making some new business cards.  I wanted something simple and classy, yet complex enough for someone to remember it.  Also, something that let people creatively know I was into film and photography.  Well over at Invisible Creature in Seattle, creativity flows as much as it rains.  Ryan just went kind of nuts with my card and I couldn’t be more happy with the finished product.  The envelope holding my business card is black with my logo, also in black, embossed.  Even the writing on the actual business card is lightly embossed.

Down in the left corner is a little die cut box.  When the card is pulled out, it does a 360 around my head, just like a mini flip book.  The cards are also composed of 2 different pieces of paper glued together.  Not just one color on each side, but two individual pieces.  That way when the black side is embossed with my information, it doesn’t go through to the other side.  Boom, simple, tuxedo classy, and yet visually complex in design.  The mini stop animation implies my field of work.  Thank you very much Ryan.  I am excited to pass these around.  Everyone should do yourself a favor and go check out the work they do over there.  INVISIBLE CREATURE.




“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

- Steve Jobs


Cale Glendening