September 08, 2013

Falling In Reverse

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Earlier this year I was commissed to shoot the album cover and cd booklet for Falling In Reverse.  I spent 3 days hanging in locations around LA. I was to document them in selected locations, knowing they'd be made black and white later.
We shot nearly 2000 images over 3 days. It was smooth sailing working with FIR and RR was amazing to work with. He was always positive, open, and excited about the images. It was a damn good time shooting. Big thanks to the label, crew, and band for making my job easy. 

Here is the artwork along with some of the actual photos and extras that didn't make the cut.
*I'll be positing several images that didn't make the cut via my tumblr.


Note, to get the cover shot below, I was sitting on the rail that Ronnie is on and leaning over the ledge as far as I can. My great friend Scott was assiting me on this shoot
and he's putting all his weight against my left leg, which is barely hooked over the rail.  Was the only way to get that angle. It looks subtle but makes all the difference.

Large 2 sides posted in the limited release.

Instax Love - Got plenty more of these too.

That's a wrap!


I jumped over a plane on set.

Cale Glendening