January 03, 2014

Looking Back at 2013

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I will keep this blog post short, as I still don't have much to say after how this year ended.  I like revisiting my old blogs to see what has changed over the years.  I re-read my end of year blogs and my points are all still very current with how I try to live today.

End of 2010 Blog
Points I discussed
- I will not watch 2011, I will participate!
- I assure you I will be participating!  Get up, get out, and DO!

End of 2011 Blog
Points I discussed
- Focus on Today
- Be an Optomist
- Community and collaboration
- Rest

End of 2012 Blog
Points I discussed
- Defeating anxiety and discouragement 
- "Whether it's moving, going to school, traveling, a new job, a new idea. If you feel convicted and you believe in it, then do it. Take that risk! Do not let your fears keep you from doing what you believe in. If you try and fail, then get back up and keep trying. Not everyone learned to ride a bike without training wheels. So listen! Do not be discouraged!"

Now for my End of 2013 Blog
It was the fastest year. I put in a crazy amount of miles and worked like there was no tomorrow. I experienced my highest highs and lowest lows.My focus is sharper than ever, I am most inspired, happy and my confidence has multipled more than all previous years combined. I am still learning a lot and have a long ways to go, but I am on the right path. My points from the previous year are still unchanged.  Focus, focus, focus! Take risks, challenge yourself, be confident, and don't be discouraged. Get off your ass & GO DO IT! Find time to rest & reflect, but most importantly, LOVE on you friends, family, others & ENJOY the ride. Life reminds me over and over that it's short. How can you take it for granted? I want to shake you and tell you that you are loved, you are unique and capable of doing incredible things. Whatever it is you want to do, I truly believe you can accomplish it. You are your only excuse. Be passionate about something and go kick life's ass!

Moments from 2013
I could make a long list from this year, but these stood out.

- Snorkeling off the eastern coast of Africa.
- Seeing lions in the wild and walking into a lion's den.
- Being charged by an elephant.
- Riding motorcycles in Uganda.
- Holding my nephew for the first time.
- Finally visiting Iceland and I got to go twice!
- Losing my passport abroad.
- Driving an hour from the airport before realizing I didn't even get my bags from baggage claim.
- Making huge progress on my 1st tv show pitch. 
- Was part of the team Emmy Nominated for "Wicked Tuna" for National Geographic.
- Spontaneously running into one of my best buddies Ryan McCarney in LA. Hadn't seen him in 3 years.
- Swimming in the ocean w/ Dylan, Jed, Alexis, and Sarah
- Building my motorcycle and riding countless miles with my brothers in The Blackbirds
- Losing loved ones. Friends and family now at peace.



Cale Glendening