Looking Back at 2013

January 03, 2014

I will keep this blog post short, as I still don't have much to say after how this year ended.  I like revisiting my old blogs to see what has changed over the years.  I re-read my end of year blogs and my points are ...

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One Year for Varanasi, India “Beyond”

December 06, 2013

This week marks a year since Joey, Ryan, and myself released "Varanasi, India: "Beyond" We released the 43 minute film online doing no promos, teasers, or anything strategic. One day Joey and I were talking and he said, "hey, lets just post it on Vimeo ...

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Iceland 1/3

September 14, 2013

I was in Iceland working for a commercial client and tried to shoot as much personal work in my time off, which wasn't much. Besides the day I lost my passport, I had about 5-6 hours of time I used for my personal work.  Everything ...

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Wicked Tuna

March 19, 2013

I've been wanting to pursue underwater cinematography for a while now, so as soon as I moved to Tennessee, I took my courses & got my advanced scuba certifications. In October I was hired by Evolve IMG to be the "Underwater Unit Cinematographer" for their ...

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“Life On A Bike” 2/2

March 07, 2013

Future home. Location in the Alps. Sat at one hairpin curve, with the jib, for 6 hours. We had many benders on this trip. We had just finished shooting and road-tripping for a solid 23 hours and we pull into Monte Carlo around 3am. We ...

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“Life On A Bike” 1/2

February 13, 2013

Consistent Spontaneity. One of my favorite things about being a filmmaker. Those two ideals seem contradicting, but those who freelance in the arts fully understand this concept.  I had just finished an amazing trip to NAB in Vegas. I got to see friends, meet incredible ...

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Varanasi, India: “Beyond”

December 10, 2012

  Proud to finally release Varanasi, India: "Beyond" If you know Joey L or myself, you've heard us talk about this for quite some time. Regardless of why we held off from releasing it, it is here now! This trip was one of the most ...

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Film Friday 8-26-11

August 26, 2011

35mm Nikon FG Tri-X 400 Photos f/ Roll #5 New York, Sky © Cale Glendening ...

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June 03, 2011

I don’t want to spend any time talking about gruesome details or  tell you every single story that happened, I just wanted to highlight a couple stories and leave you feeling  inspired just as I felt when leaving Joplin. May 22, 2011 Joplin was hit ...

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India Update 1

May 09, 2011

I am back! Finally after 3 weeks of excitement, chaos, and pure exhaustion, I am back state side! Right now I am currently trans-coding 400gigs worth of footage.  This footage will contribute to an hour long Documentary about Holy Men in Varanasi.  Before the documentary ...

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January 20, 2011

Haiti was a trip unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I had my presumptions about the country based off the overflowing amount of news and media attention they have gotten the past year.  I truly wish I could’ve seen the country before the earthquake, however ...

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Hawaii at 1500ft

November 10, 2010

Hello everyone! During the 2nd week of my Hawaii trip I began another job with the company “Tower Inspection.”  I have been working with them for years.  While it is probably the most odd photography gig I do, it is one of my favorite and ...

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